Breath by James Nestor, what a book!!

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Breath by James Nestor, what a book!!

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I highly recommend this groundbreaking book about breathing through the nose (in real life). As trombonists we have learned to take a big breath through the mouth. Yes, that is fine. But learn to breathe through your nose in any other situation. I have started to breathe through the nose while playing the trombone when there is no need for much air or enough time to use the nose! It feels very good... but running with nose breathing did not work for me.
Has anyone made experience with Nestor´s book and the effects of nose breathing?
There is a lot material about it at youtube, too.
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Re: Breath by James Nestor, what a book!!

Post by PhilTrombone »

My teacher used to advocate "sniffing" through the nose when one did not have a chance to catch a full breath. I use the technique during a long legato phrase sometimes. It makes taking a breath less obvious.

After having nasal surgery 2 years ago (polyps and a deviated septum), I now find that I can take full breath via my nose almost as fast as through my mouth. So I am using the method a lot more now.
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