What horn(s) do you play on?

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What horn(s) do you play on?

Post by ttf_JasonDonnelly » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:16 pm

Well, half of this is in my signature, but I'll go for it anyways:

Boosey and Hawkes Sovereign Euph (Globe Stamp)-play it in the school wind ensemble
Bach Strad 50B3 Bass-play it in the youth symphony
Olds P-16 Custom Tenor-only played it once in a group, mostly just for practice/fun (hopefully will play some more with it soon)
Paul Mauriat Alto Sax-play it in the school big band, gets a real hip sound, awesome middle/low range
Yamaha Soprano Sax-play it in the school big band when required, and in a few sax choir pieces I arranged...other than that, just for practice/fun
Blue pBone-what I practiced on before I had a "real" trombone, currently collecting dust, but served its purpose

I also spent extended periods of time on a few horns I didn't own, like a Selmer Bb clarinet (for a single jazz piece-hated playing it), a Conn 88H (for a musical), and King marching instruments (baritone for 3 years, euph for 1).
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