Duets for Piano and Trombone + chords for guitar

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Duets for Piano and Trombone + chords for guitar

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Hi all,

I'm looking for sheet music for trombone with piano (guitar may join later as well).
Music type is preferrably popular songs or jazz standards, moderate difficulty level.

Does anyone happen to have recommendations where to start searching? Are there any online platforms that offer a good selection that you can recommend?

Your replies are much appreciated!
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Re: Duets for Piano and Trombone + chords for guitar

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If your piano player can work from chords, you can get a ton of stuff from a Fake Book. Generally it contains the melody line and chords. Fake books (one is called "Real Book") have about 1000 tunes (some of which you probably have no idea how they sound). If you go this route, learn to read treble clef in C so the chords are right for the piano and/or guitar -- playing from a Bb (trumpet or tenor sax) or Eb (alto sax) fake book has transposed chords.

Learning to read treble clef in C opens up playing all kinds of sheet music for voice and piano, which will give the pianist more things to work from.

Reading C treble clef is not hard. C third space is played as C line above the bass staff (basically an octave transposition from "grand staff" notation).
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