Preventing tarnish

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Preventing tarnish

Post by Kdanielsen »

Well, I did what I vowed to never do again: I bought another silver plated euph.

Any tips for reducing tarnish? Is there some chemical solution I can impregnate the inside of the gig bag with? Should I keep it in the case or out? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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Re: Preventing tarnish

Post by AtomicClock »

Well, my experience is that after being in the case for years, almost no tarnhish developed. But after being left out of the case for a few days, lots of tarnish. I suspect Yamaha put something in the lining.
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Re: Preventing tarnish

Post by ghmerrill »

I think the generic advice on this is to use one or another form of Haggerty's Silversmith Polish. It contains a tarnish preventative. Most of the people on Dave Werden's forum ( seem to use it on their silver instruments. I tried just about everything and use it on my 100 year old tuba, and it's been the best for me. For in between touchups I use a silver polishing cloth (I think Selmer?). But I wouldn't have another silver instrument.
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Re: Preventing tarnish

Post by ithinknot »

Anti-tarnish strips work if you replace them on schedule.

I leave a few in my Mouthpiece Cases of Shame, and they seem to do the trick. The pieces on my shelf tarnish much more rapidly, what with all the brimstone nowadays
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