Ferguson 11 Question

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Ferguson 11 Question

Post by Driswood »

How does the Ferguson 11 compare to other similar sized mouthpieces in the mix?

I’m thinking Greg Black, Hammond, Stork, Warburton, Giddings, Bach, Schilke etc.

I can’t find a mouthpiece chart with all of them listed. Any information would be appreciated.
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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by pjanda1 »

The Ferguson 11 is on the bigger and more forgiving end of things labeled "11." To me, it is more of a 7C cup shape/cup to throat transition than an 11C. Maybe closer to a Bach 6 3/4C in size, but all of these things are clustered together. I've only tried one and sold it fairly quickly. The sound wasn't what I'm after. But, they are fairly-priced, a size that will work for many if not most, and definitely worth a shot.

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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by Rusty »

Thin, comfy rim, definitively on the bigger end of most 11c pieces. Fairly light, very clear, bright sound, and open over the whole range. For me, it always had quite a hissy sound, perhaps due to the sharp entry at the throat. And the sound wasn’t quite as meaty or with as much depth as my other favourites in that size (Brassark 11c, MV 11c, various DE setups), but overall I really liked it and would’ve spent more time with it if it didn’t give me the hissy sound.
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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by dukesboneman »

I agree with Rusty. The Ferguson 11 was really really light weight . I thought it was made of aluminum. I have a JetTone Aluminum 7C that weighed the same
The sound had no body or core to it and it was airy or had the "HISS".
But I bought it, so I should at least try it for a while.
2 of my section mates commented, where`d your sound go? it all air
I sent it back
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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by mlshermancpa »

I've had a TMJ problem so I've been playing around with different mouthpieces to see if I can mitigate my issues. I bought a used Ferguson 11 several months ago and I can't decide if I like it or not. I'm using it primarily with my Bach 8 bone. I like the overall sound with the Ferguson but notes seem to slot better for me with my Bach 11C and my Bach Mt Vernon 12. I haven't totally given up on the Ferguson but it's not on the top of my list at this point.
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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by MStarke »

Cup is a bit wider and deeper than other 11c mouthpieces. Build quality is really good.

Played it on alto for a while, for me a better fit than on small bore.

In the end I didn't like the rim too much.
Markus Starke

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Re: Ferguson 11 Question

Post by vintage88h »

It works great on alto. For me the perfect match to my Yamaha alto.
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